New Farm Location

We have a new home! In our continuous effort to serve you better and bring you closer to the source of your food, we have relocated to a larger, more accessible farm location.

Situated amidst the scenic beauty of southern Alberta, our new farm is a testament to our commitment to organic and sustainable farming. It allows us to cultivate a wider variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs while maintaining our principles of biodiversity and ecological balance. This move enables us to produce more of the quality organic goods you love and better serve our customers.

One of the most exciting aspects of our new location is that it’s more accessible to our customers. We believe in the importance of connecting people with their food’s source, and to facilitate this, we warmly welcome you to visit us at our new farm. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see firsthand how your favorite organic products are grown, meet the team that nurtures them, and gain insights into the meticulous care we take to maintain the purity and nutrient richness of our produce.

Visit us to witness the cycle of life as seeds are sown, plants nurtured, and fresh produce harvested.

Amiable Organics’ new farm is not just an upgrade for us but a step towards fulfilling our customers’ needs more efficiently. We invite you to share in our journey towards a more sustainable future. Our doors are open, and we look forward to seeing you at our new location!

Experience Amiable Organics firsthand. Book a visit here: Visit Our Farm