Our Story

Josh and Angie Mans Family

Amiable Organics is a family-owned and operated farm, run by husband and wife duo, Josh and Angie Mans. Their journey into the world of organic farming began in 2016 when Josh first dabbled with gardening while working for Galimax Trading. He quickly fell in love with it, and the gardening bug has never left him since.

In 2019, Josh and Angie decided to turn their passion for gardening into a full-time occupation. However, the first year proved to be a challenging one. Josh was still in university, and the season was marked by hail damaging their crops in August, followed by an early snowstorm in September that wiped out the leeks.

Undeterred, the couple diversified their crop plan in 2020, aiming to make their farm more economically resilient. What began as a small venture focused on leeks has now expanded into a thriving farm that produces a variety of vegetables and herbs.

The first gardens of Amiable Organics were established on land rented from Josh’s father, Vital Green Farms. In late 2022, the couple took a significant step forward by purchasing a 20-acre parcel of land, which now serves as their main farm site. Josh and Angie’s passion for organic farming continues to grow, and they look forward to sharing their love for sustainable agriculture with their community.